Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Sweet it is to be Loved By You

Now that I have that tune stuck in your brain, I won't need to put it on a playlist to play here, right?  I thought about it, I really did, but then I recalled how many times I go to a blog and suddenly music comes blaring over my speakers and I either A: spit out my drink all over my computer screen or B: jump so high I almost fall out of my chair.  Unexpected music gets me good, probably 90% of the time. Maybe I should turn my speakers down a smidge? So anyway, feel free to hum it as you read here or google the song and play it, your choice. 

You might be wondering why you need to hum or google at all.  Well, remember a while back when I showed you this upcoming box of Valentine's Day goodness?

I have never decorated for Valentine's Day.  I really don't know anyone who does, either. I am almost embarassed to admit that in years past, we have all but ignored it's existance. This year, however, I am feeling the love and I wanted to reflect a touch of it to my home.  Besides, I wanted to send a little reminder to Mountain Man, that yes, even though I am quirky and can be self absorbed in what ever project is on my plate, I do in fact, love him to pieces. Maybe I just wanted an excuse to have umpteen jars of chocolate in the house. Whatever. Don't judge.

I figured I would decorate in a small, doable way. I limited it to the kitchen.  I got busy this past week and decorated all sweet-like for Valentine's Day.

 Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Nothing says football like a whole lotta hearts and frou frou, right? 
Apparently I am not alone in these thoughts, although they could use some help in making those footballs look heart shaped:

And with that, I bring you The Valentine's Day Sweet Shoppe that suddenly appeared at my home...

It all started with a fun day in blog land when I came across the cutest project idea using thrift and dollar store items to make miniature apothecary jars and candle holders.  I have seen these everywhere since before Christmas, and you probably have too, but they are a new project to me.  I am just now getting around to making mine, so you have to either put up with reading about them again, or pretend that you have never seen them before and that you think I am very talented and clever. Your choice.

Remember this fancy little lady that I got at Goodwill for a quarter?

And her friends:

Well, I spent some time cleaning out the contents and polishing her up.  Then gathered the following items:

I placed a small ring of E-6000 glue to the rim of the candle holder:

Turned the container upside down and placed the candle holder on the container, glue side down.  I didn't measure to find the center, I just eyeballed it, cause I'm not that precise, and stuff.

While waiting for the glue to dry, gather together one of each color of M&M's.

Pop them in your mouth. 

What??? A girl has to sustain herself while crafting.

Let it dry for a few hours.  Maybe overnight to be really set, but again, that is not me.

The glue dries clear, but it does show a little bit, so use a light touch when placing the pieces together.  You won't be able to see it when you fill the container with candy though.  If you have any left when you are done crafting.  If not, use a candle. :)

Using two of my thrift store finds, I was able to make this adorable container for only 50 cents! And I even had M&M's left over at the end to fill her with! I see it as half full.

(I did have issues with that ribbon though, and have since changed it to a much nicer one.)

I was so happy with how that one came out that I went on to make several more. 

The filler in these jars came from here. 

Put the candle in first, then the sugar and sprinkles will fall around the outside of the candle and you will use less that way.

Then just dress them up with buttons and ribbon. 

 Or feathers, ooh la la! That one isn't staying in the kitchen... ;)

This one is probably one of my favorites because it is unexpected:

I hit up a few clearance sales and got these huge peppermint sticks for 10 cents a piece.  The colors worked for me and who says peppermint sticks are just for Christmas?  Candy is candy!

I added a vintage button from my grandma's button tin and a yummy red feather trimmed organdy ribbon and presto chango, what a beauty! 

The candle holder base was 25 cents at the thrift store and the top container was a candle holder from the dollar store.  Another beautiful creation that cost less than $2 for everything you see here!

I added ribbon to these cute heart shapped suckers (which are really NOT orange, but a watermelon pink, bad pictures!) and stuck them in a votive jar with plain white sugar.  Too cute!

Oh, and as a side note, all of the ribbons and buttons were glued on with a hot glue gun, NOT the E-6000.  The hot glue can be removed afterward, allowing you to redecorate everything again for the next holiday.
 E-6000 glue is permanent!

And here are all my pretties, set up "Candy Shoppe" fashion on top of the hutch. (See? I told you the suckers were not orange!)

Next up was my friend, the overdone wreath. This is her picture the day she came home with me from the thrift store. 

I went back to the basics with her and got rid of all that excess frou frou.

Again, I set forth with the glue gun and some of that gorgeous ribbon.

And this is what she looks like all dressed up for Valentine's Day.   
(note to self, touch up that irritating screw with some paint.)

 I kept her sweet and simple because next month she wants to wear something soft and pastel, to be added to my shabby chic cottage themed guest room.  Again, hot glue comes off, making this oh so possible!

I think I saved the best project for last. 
Remember me talking about my $12 Goodwill chandelier I rescued from the shelves of doom? I mentioned that I would be sharing her with you all here soon. Well, without further adieu, let me present her "Golden Tassled Goodness" to you.

She came to me as is, a little vintage chippy here and there, but that is what I LOVE about her.  And those tassles!  They are metal, but they look so much like fringe tassles that people have swatted at them (why do we do that to tassles?) only to find that she kinda swats back, and then swings violently! I secretly love when this happens, just to see the look on their face when they are horrified that they just swatted my chandelier...

I added the red berry wreath for a splash of color in the kitchen. It hides all of her golden tassled goodness though, so I took another photo looking up into the light so you can see the tassles.

There they are!  I just LOVE them! 
Anyway, so that she didn't feel under-dressed for the upcoming "I Love Football/Valentine's Day" festivities, I decked her out in some bling bling too.
Enter some leftover curling ribbon from Christmas and these adorable heart shapped tree ornaments found on clearance. 

I cut the ribbon at varying lengths, some long on purpose so they'd have lots of curl, others short, just because I am. I tied them to the chandelier and just let them dangle there in their loveliness. Ahhhh.

I am so glad I decided to decorate just a smidge for Valentine's Day because have smiled every time I walk into my kitchen for the past few days.  It is suddenly a very happy room in my house, and that is saying something!

Now if I could just paint that silly door trim around the closet door.  White or black?  I can't make up my mind!

Have a happy Valentine's Day and/or Super Bowl party. 

I don't like football,
but I never miss the Super Bowl. 
I LOVE the commercials. 

Now that's a great saying for a shirt.

I'll be linking up to several places this week so be sure to check them out for other great inspirations!

Til next time!


  1. G'morn, Lisa ~ and WOW! You have done a darling job of creating AND decorating. I am impressed. I, too,have done these glue 2 items together for new creations & it is a lot of fun.

    If you haven't read about our gathering of bloggy ladies in April, please go to these places to do so. Hope you live within the arena, to join us.

    Feb 7th ~

    Jan 31st ~

    Happy Valentine's ~
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Oh wow, you did a lot with so little, and it made a huge Valentiney impact! I love that you used hot glue to avoid permanently landing it all in a Valentines box next to the Christmas decorations.... Oh, and if you are taking votes, I think black trim around the door would look amazing!

  3. LOL Lisa, as usual I got a giggle. Your decorating is cute and I love the thrifted cleverness.
    Is valentines big in USA? I am now curious about it as I have seen decorating and it has all been based in US. It isn't a holiday here but it gets some airplay - mostly commercial. from what i can tell it seems to be a lot of teens/ early 20s who getinto it.

  4. great job. I especially love the tutorial. I have some of those simple glass candle holders and some hurricanes. I'll have to try it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a Blessed Week,

  5. Wow! You have been busy and very creative!
    I have to admit, I don't decorate for Valentines day either and haven't gotten the urge to do so this year, but you creative bloggers are wearing me down!!!

  6. Looks like you had fun decorating for Valentine's day. It all looks so sweet. Enjoy the day and thanks for sharing your ideas with me.

  7. Oh, wow, I should NOT have read this with my super-sweet tooth. Now I need candy, but we're in the middle of a snowstorm!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Valentine's Linky. LOVE it!


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